Hot Flashes?

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Are you wondering about Menopause and what it all means? Are you getting…. Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Aches & Pains, Emotional Changes, Poor Sleep!!

These are common symptoms to early menopause, around the age of 50 the biological clock stops ticking, in simple terms your menstruation pauses or stops. Due to the oestrogen falling to low levels, they say Menopause can start from mid-30 which they call Peri menopause.

I started my “change of life” late 30’s grrrr…. however I am now 52 and feeling on top of the world! My symptoms were mild until about mid 40’s, hot sweats got worse , depression and mood changes increased and I started to get horrible crawling itching sensation on my skin and the memory loss was difficult ! My kids were early teenagers and raising them on my own was hard enough without all these extra distractions and problems. Now that I’m thinking about it all it was a nightmare!!

Being a huge believer in natural herbs and aromatherapy oils, I dug deeper into diet and supplements for menopause as I didn’t want to take the HRT drug, I had all the tests done with my GP and everything was confirmed I was in full swing Menopause! My diet has always been healthy, I exercise and take care of myself, but this didn’t seem to be enough as my body also started to change around the middle and I put on weight :(Why do we have to go through this!! )…… I cut out alcohol wheat and anything else that’s not good for you; this was easy as I didn’t have much of these foods in my diet anyway. I used Australian Bush Flower remedies made up for me for menopause and depression, Bottle Brush, She Oak, Illawarra  Flame Tree ,Peach-Flowered Tea Tree are the best for Menopause, Bush Flowers have amazing healing properties I now have my certificate in Australian Bush Flower Remedies and use them myself daily for clarity and positive thinking! Meditation end exercise are also important, what I found was even though I was exercising I didn’t lose weight, one thing I want to stress to every women going through this is, LOVE yourself just the way you are forget what size you were or how you looked before everything changes and I say embrace this time and re-invent yourself as more beautiful, loving, giving and amazing and in your own power than you have ever been before!!

On this journey through my inner hormonal changes I tried all the products from Health Shops & Pharmacies but with little results until 3 years ago I was introduced to a product called Strop- Rhythm, this is an all-natural active ingredients product first to the market, tablet and cream that works daily with your hormones! Whoohoo!!!! I have now been using Estro-Rhythm consistently for the last 3 years and I love it, my memory came back, no more depression and all hot flashes have gone, people are always saying how well I look! I love it!!… for more info click here                                                                                 I truly recommend you educate your partner or husband about menopause don’t ignore it, it’s who we are, it’s all about embracing menopause and discovering the new you !! I also encourage you to talk about it with friends and women that are going through it or have been through it I would love any one to share their story with me.

Find you’re True Self…. Take Action, Meditate, Visualise, Breathe, Be Grateful, and Be Happy

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