Bush Flower Essences

Flower Remedies are not new! The flower essence healing method was rediscovered by Dr. Edward Bach sixty years ago through the use of English flowering plants. Today our society and its needs are totally different to that of sixty years ago. There has been a great need for remedies that would help people deal with the issues of the 21st century – sexuality, communication skills and spirituality to name but a few. The answer to this need has come from the Australian plants, developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White a fifth generation Australian herbalist.
Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength. Also Australia is relatively unpolluted and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. At this time there is a tremendous new vitality in this country. This, combined with the inherent power of the land, is why the Australian Bush Flower Essences are unique.
The Australian Bush Flower Essences not only help to give clarity to one’s life but also the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue one’s goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun. The more these Flower Essences are used, the more one is likely to experience greater awareness and happiness in one’s life. Then everyone benefits….the individual, society and the planet.




I have a One-on-One Consultation available (SKYPE OR EMAIL)
Your options are:
Flower Card Reading: This is a great way to receive personalized guidance to your particular issue. You choose the cards intuitively and together we can clarify your issue, included in this session is your personalized bottle of essence. $65
Bush Flower Essence Consult: Skype or email, this is a personalized consultation if you have an issue you would like to work with we can create the Bush Flower Remedy together to help you through. $55.00

All follow up sessions are $30

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